In Briquitting

There are many advantage of Briquetting Plant. The first is briquettes made from compressing materials so it harder and more compact compared to a loose bio mass. The compressor allows briquettes to burn for a longer time.

Biomass is the main component of the briquettes and it is easily available. Look around and there is lots of biomass. Briquettes are easy to make. We make briquettes in our home but we need a binder and molder.  We easily store Briquettes because of their size and shape. Mostly briquettes made from agriculture waste, animal waste so this is less expensive so the briquettes are cheaper than other.  To use of briquettes we can reduce green house gases.

Advantage of Briquetting Plant

We use briquettes as a fuel. Briquettes use a common material like charcoal, chaff from rice, sawdust, and any biomass materials. This project is eco-friendly so its pollution free and non-hazardous.