In Briquitting

Briquetting Press is used to recycle biomass waste into fuel briquettes. Briquette can be done on forest and agriculture waste. Briquetting press is die and punch type mechanical press with two Ry wheels. Briquetting press is suitable for all small and big business. Briquetting press is also called briquetting machine. The raw material of briquetting press includes all type of farm waste.

The briquette press is easy to operate and high productivity. This machine cannot compact metal pieces. The machine is designed for 24 hours operation. Biomass briquetting press is also called Bio Coal Briquetting Machine.  The briquettes of biomass briquetting are carbonized inside a sealed furnace. The char coal briquettes have no smoke and no stark. The charcoal has higher moisture content. to use an advanced flat die techniques. It can be improving the forming rate of briquetting fuel. It is a eco-friendly technology. It has a low investment and high profit.

briquetting press and Bio Coal Briquetting Machine