In Briquitting

Biomass briquetting machine is also called briquettes or straw briquetting machine. The Biomass briquetting machineBiomass Briquetting Plant is totally eco-friendly green technology that converts the waste – residues in to the energy fuel. Biomass briquetters production line included feeding conveyor, briquetters, and discharging machine, and the operation of distribution cabinets. Biomass briquetting press is the cost-effective manufacturing technology for saving our global environmental energy resources. Briquetting machines are of different sizes which change biomass into solid fuels. The briquetting machine included equipment rack, motor, feeding port, transmission system, pressure roller, horizontal ring die, discharging port and other parts. The biomass briquettes made from loose biomass waste and residues shrink the greenhouse emissions. There are lots of manufacturer of Biomass Briquetting Machine in India. It can Extend the service life of key components, so the trouble-free running time extension, improve the production, use cost reduced;