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Who can Setup a Biomass Briquetting Plant?

Setting up Briquetting Plant System for the generation of Fuel Briquette is a business with a very high prospective. And therefore this Plant can be installed by anybody who is in search of a rewarding project to invest in.

On the other hand there are a number of fundamental requirements for establishmenBiomass briquetting plantt this Bio Fuel briquetting Plant manufacturer. It necessitates a room of about 600 square feet with at least 12 Feet height. A spacious location is also required for making the storage space for massive biomass material. An excellent storeroom is also imperative for stocking up the finished goods. This store room should be absolutely dry, non dangerous as well as closed.

The fundamental investment on the Biomass Briquetting Plant is mandatory. For Indian investors, the government of India financially assists the investors of this machine. A number of nationalized banks as well as NGOs give loans for establishing in this project.

The overall the regular working cost is about Rs. 400/MT in India, which incorporates the expenditure of Power, Labour, maintenance and other miscellaneous costs.