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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in relationship with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has evaluated that 500 million tons of agricultural and agro-industries deposits are being produced every year in the nation. Briquetting plants are turning garbage into gold. Agricultural waste is a by-product that is used in some places as fodder for animals.

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Briquettes are very popular and are chosen over the conventional fuel due to their aspects such as high thermal calorific value. Briquettes are essentially a portion of explosive material that is frequently used in igniting and maintaining a fire. Briquetting plant is a technology to recycle all types of agriculture waste, industrial waste and other divested material. Briquetting plants are machines that produce solid fuel out of bio-wastes & industrial wastes. The briquette making plant is called briquetting plant is completely total eco-friendly. Briquetting plant manufacturer is a most recent equipment in which is used in a wide range of cultivating waste and developed waste are restored into hard tube shaped frame logs utilizing.

The bio-fuel surrogate to coal and charcoal is known as biomass briquetting. The briquette plant technology is in great demand as the demand of energy coal briquettes is increasing in the industries. The briquetting plant technology is totally binder less and don’t use any type of chemical. We are using the best manufacturing technologies of international standards, which are reflected in unblemished performance delivered by briquetting plant.