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Briquetting Press

Briquetting press is a machine that produces a type of eco-friendly fuel that is procured from agro-forestry wastes. briquetting press manufacturer It employs a special kind of technique identified as binder-less technique. This technique takes the advantage of high temperature and pressure to liquefy a substance known as lignin existent in the biomass material. This substance compresses the entire biomass introduced into the briquetting machine to result in compacted form of substance. When the biomass turns into this compacted mass its property also changes from bulky, not easy to combust & smoke generating substance into a low density, eco-friendly and high thermal calorific value fuel.

We engineer these machines in diverse models to offer excellent quality briquette fuels. These are made with the aid of the most advanced technology. Our Biomass Briquetting Press machines are very cost-effective and high profit-yielding machines.