India still lives in villages and agriculture being its main occupation. So there is lots of Briquette Manufacturer. Bioenergy is committed to offer finest range of briquetting machines that is manufactured at par with international standards.  Bioenergy is mainly focused on primary work that create a greener tomorrow through its excellent range.

Briquetting machine is made without the use of any binder and costs less than diesel while transporting coal from one place to another place energy is the most important think in economic development of county. So Energy Briquetting Plant Machine is so important to make a briquettes. The fossil fuels harm the environment to energy briquetting plant machine we can convert the waste and make renewable energy and protect our environment. This product is directly used in non-conventional fuel.

Energy Briquetting Plant Machine Briquette

Briquetting Press is used to recycle biomass waste into fuel briquettes. Briquette can be done on forest and agriculture waste. Briquetting press is die and punch type mechanical press with two Ry wheels. Briquetting press is suitable for all small and big business. Briquetting press is also called briquetting machine. The raw material of briquetting press includes all type of farm waste.

The briquette press is easy to operate and high productivity. This machine cannot compact metal pieces. The machine is designed for 24 hours operation. Biomass briquetting press is also called Bio Coal Briquetting Machine.  The briquettes of biomass briquetting are carbonized inside a sealed furnace. The char coal briquettes have no smoke and no stark. The charcoal has higher moisture content. to use an advanced flat die techniques. It can be improving the forming rate of briquetting fuel. It is a eco-friendly technology. It has a low investment and high profit.

briquetting press and Bio Coal Briquetting Machine

Renewable Briquetting plant is less expensive and pollution free plan. The forms of energy like petrol, diesel and kerosene are more polluting our environment. But briquetting plant is less pollution than these forms of energy.

For renewable briquetting we can collect the agriculture wastage like forestry leaves, rice husk, almond shells, sawdust and flowers and do some process under the quality person. And then machine produce quality Briquettes. The main benefit of Renewable Briquetting plant is that all type of raw material is suitable for this type of plant. The demand of white coal is higher than other this types of product.

Renewable Briquetting

If you invest in renewable briquetting plan you will get high profit on it because its raw material is easily available in market. There is low expense in this plant.

There are many advantage of Briquetting Plant. The first is briquettes made from compressing materials so it harder and more compact compared to a loose bio mass. The compressor allows briquettes to burn for a longer time.

Biomass is the main component of the briquettes and it is easily available. Look around and there is lots of biomass. Briquettes are easy to make. We make briquettes in our home but we need a binder and molder.  We easily store Briquettes because of their size and shape. Mostly briquettes made from agriculture waste, animal waste so this is less expensive so the briquettes are cheaper than other.  To use of briquettes we can reduce green house gases.

Advantage of Briquetting Plant

We use briquettes as a fuel. Briquettes use a common material like charcoal, chaff from rice, sawdust, and any biomass materials. This project is eco-friendly so its pollution free and non-hazardous.

Briquettes are a forth coming fuel of the world. Biomass briquettes are use in many applications for example steam generation in boilers, heating purpose, drying process, and in furnace and foundries. Wood sawdust is a kind of common seen biomass.

Briquettes can be used in industrial, commercial and household sectors. The cost of briquettes is affordable and predictable. It is more stable than fossil fuels.  The charcoal briquettes burn longer and provide more heat than regular charcoal with a high thermal efficiency. Briquettes use in winter heating in cold areas and in restaurants, canteens, etc. the briquettes made by biomass briquetting press are carbonized and prevent the air pollution.

application of briquettes

The Briquettes are used in agriculture for increase ground temperature, improve soil and used as alleviator of organic fertilizer. This type of briquettes is content high energy in compare of other briquettes.

There are many benefits of Biomass Briquetting Plant. One of the main benefits of biomass fuel is best understood in terms of greenhouse gasses. Briquettes are economical than black coal so everyone can afford the cost of it.


Briquettes are created from compressing combustible material, they are denser, harder, and more compact. Biomass Briquettes provided a cleaner and renewable source of energy as well as the ability to reduce dependence on oil. Briquettes are economical than black coal so everyone can afford the cost of it. The briquettes are pollution free because there is no sulfur content. It is easy to transport. The material of briquettes is easily available in the open market.

Biomass is not only affordable but it is also a safer alternative fuel. We have used briquettes instead of firewood, charcoal or electricity. Biomass fuel is more easily available in future which turn provide a solution for ecological concern.

The Briquetting Machine made without use of any binder and cost is less than fuel and diesel. Briquetting plant is a new type of technology which works of agro and forestry waste product. This product is directly use as a non-conventional fuel.

Making briquettes from biomass is a high efficient way to save your energy bill as well as to dispose of biomass waste. The briquettes known as compact heating fuel. Especially for agricultural countries biomass briquette is clean, renewable and eco-friendly source of fuel.  The briquetting machine or briquettes machine is widely used to press material like fly ash, pool mud, oxide skin, mineral powder, and aluminum powder etc.

Briquetting from this machine clean to handle and can be packed in bags. They are uniform in size and capacity. These briquettes are easy to ignite. It has a high forming rate and high productivity.

A Biomass Briquetting Press machine is also called charcoal briquetting press. The charcoal briquettes made from biomass briquetting. These machines are appreciated for their high tensile strength and long life performance.

Coal is one of the most dangerous ways to produce energy nowadays because of its pollution to our environment. The briquettes made from biomass briquettes press and this is carbonized inside so prevent from air pollution. The charcoal briquettes made by biomass briquettes presses have 80% of charcoal. The charcoal from charcoal briquettes plan is easy to transport.

biomass briquetting manufacturer

Briquettes Charcoal is free from chemicals. It is totally robust and low in maintenance.  The length and size of briquette charcoal is more or less like each other with the hollow structure in center.

Biomass Briquetting plant is the process of covert the wastage of agriculture products in a bio coal. It produces quality biomass briquettes. We see a white coal in not only agriculture department but even all the industry in India so biomass briquetting is such an energy source in India.

We are using an advanced method like flat die technique. So the forming rate of briquetting is increase. It is low maintenance machine and robust. Biomass briquetting is mostly used to development where the fuel is not easily available. Biomass Briquetting Plant is Eco-friendly and renewable energy fuel.

Biomass briquetting machine is also called straw briquetting machine. Briquetting Press is also used for binder less production for very high density fuel briquettes. We use a biomass plant without using chemical is called binder less.

What is Briquetting Plant ?

The briquetting is a process of reuse of waste products. Its main purpose is best from waste. Briquetting is also white coal. The briquetting plat is used in agriculture field, forestry department to covert its wasting into a fuel.

The Briquetting is also used for energy generation to farmers to increase their income. Energy is the main requirement of development of every country. The waste of agriculture and forest items is directly used in briquetting plant. it’s maintenance is very low to compare other sources. And the briquettes are easy to store and packed. So its create a difference image in agriculture department. The benefit of briquette is convenient to transportation, save and usage. Government also supports this type of industry.

The source of fuel is limited and the demand of fuel is too high. To use of Briquetting plant we can increase the sources of fuel. And the briquetting plant is totally eco-friendly. Generally Biomass briquettes are used in non-developed areas because there is not enough electricity so briquetting plant creates a green environment to generate electricity.